Tornador Classic Cleaning Tool Z-010

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Tornador Classic Cleaning Tool Z-010



  • No hose, no problem, clean with an air compressor!
  • Two settings, allowing you to clean and dry super fast
  • Works great on various interior and exterior surfaces


The Tornador Classic Cleaning Tool Z-010 will take your favorite interior and exterior cleaning chemicals and turn them into a fine mist, which makes cleaning various interior surfaces much easier. Z-010 works with various air compressors and features a cone shaped nozzle and oscillating tip. The cone resembles the shape of a tornado and the tip spins, causing the cleaning solution to move exactly like a tornado. This design releases a mist of cleaning solution to the area, but does not over-saturate the area. Dirt and grime are released from the surface with ease. Take a clean microfiber towel and wipe the area down to remove anything on the surface, along with soaking up any extra liquid. For heavily soiled areas, let the solution dwell for 10-15 seconds before wiping off. Turn the dial on Z-010 to shut off the water and use only the compressed air to dry the cleaned area. Z-010 can be used on your dashboard, door panels, steering wheel, fabric upholstery, carpet, floor mats, between seats, tight areas that are hard to reach, wheels, emblems, fabric tops, and the list goes on. This tool must be used with a compressor that is capable of producing a constant air pressure of at least 60 psi (best results on a unit with 5CFM or 85 psi). Do not exceed 100 psi to avoid any issues. If you have a compressor and are looking for a great all around cleaning tool, the Tornador Classic Cleaning Tool Z-010 is the perfect choice!


  • Weight: 1.34 Lbs
  • Length: 12.60"
  • Width: 5.00"
  • Free Speed RPM: 3,600
  • Air Consumption: 1/min. = 120
  • Liquid Consumption: 1/hr. = 3.6
  • Sounds Pressure DBA: 101.1
  • Air Inlet: 1/4"
  • Air Pressure: 5.4 - 6.2 CFM @ 90 PSI



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