Tecomec Comet MV925 Professional Swiveling Spray Gun & Foam Cannon Kit

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Tecomec Comet MV925 Professional Swiveling Spray Gun & Foam Cannon Kit



Italian manufacturer Tecomec, Comet's sister company, makes some of the world's best pressure washer accessories. After months of testing, and feedback from professional detailers, this package was created using our most ergonomic, heavy duty spray gun. The included version of our MV925 sprayer has a built-in brass swivel, a precision trigger, and lightweight durable body. We've thrown in a 3/8" stainless steel quick connect plug to make setup and breakdown more efficient. The foam cannon comes with equipped with a standard 1.25mm orifice (which works perfectly with our Static 1700 pressure washer) and includes the necessary 1/4" quick connect plug to work with the spray gun. A set of various 3.5 stainless steel nozzles are also included (we recommend using the 40 degree for most car wash work). MV925 SPECS: RATED PRESSURE: 4060 psi PERMISSIBLE PRESSURE: 4500 psi RATED FLOW: 8 Gpm RATED TEMPERATURE :160 °C - 320 °F MADE IN ITALY FMR-5000 SPECS Includes #3.5/1.25mm nozzle and 32oz detergent bottle Can dispense foam over 20' effectively Compatible with most cold water pressure washers Built in adjustment knob allows for the perfect mix of detergent to water Variable spray pattern between 0° straight line to 50° wide fan



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