SynergyWorx Tire Shine 16oz

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SynergyWorx Tire Shine 16oz


  • No Sling!
  • High Gloss
  • Si02 infused for added protection
  • Can be applied in layers for additional gloss and longevity


How to use

Step 1:

Apply tire shine to clean tire
Step 2
Add additional layers for extended protection and enhanced shine
Step 3
Enjoy long lasting, sline free tire shine!



  • We’re pretty sure most would agree, a car isn’t officially “Detailed” until Synergy Worx Tire Shine has been applied! No matter how many hours you might have put into making sure the paint is left looking like a Showroom Finish, unless Synergy Worx Tire Shine is applied, it’s almost left looking incomplete. Once Synergy Worx Tire Shine is applied, you can enjoy a long lasting finish without it slinging all over the side of your car.
  • When understanding what our competitors offer, Synergy Worx Tire Shine was designed to be second to none. We wanted to offer a Tire Shine that will really impress the entire Detailing industry, in order to accomplish this goal, we infused Sio2 into the formula resulting in a Tire Shine that provides a long lasting shine and is dry to the touch in only 10 minutes! For those that are not familiar with what Sio2 is, Sio2 is what provides a glossy shield of protection that can also be found in a professional Ceramic Coating. In other words, not only is Synergy Worx Tire Shine making your tires look great, but it’s going to protect them as well!
  • For the best results, wash the tires with Synergy Worx Car Shampoo and then decontaminate the tires with Synergy Worx All Purpose Cleaner. Once the tires are cleaned and dried, apply Synergy Worx Tire Shine to the tires using a Tire Shine Applicator. Using the Tire Shine Applicator will help coat Synergy Worx Tire Shine evenly on the tire without getting any product on your hands. For additional shine and protection, wait 10 minutes before applying a second coat of Synergy Worx Tire Shine.



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