SynergyWorx Defense Disinfectant Spray 16oz

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SynergyWorx Defense Disinfectant Spray 16oz

  • Apply Defense Spray to microfiber or directly to the area to be cleaned
  • Work product into surface with light pressure
  • Follow behind with an additional microfiber to ensure a dry surface
  • Defense Spray can be used for the interior of your vehicle or hard surfaces inside your home

Please be advised, Synergy Worx Defense is a professional grade product and should be treated as such! Do not let product sit for more than 15 seconds.

The world is changing slowly but surely. With that being said, we want to help you prepare! Synergy Worx Defense was created in order to provide a deep cleanse to any surface it comes in contact with. Whether it be the interior of your vehicle, or inside the comfort of your own home, Synergy Worx Defense will provide safe and effective cleaning properties to help ensure a clean surface is left behind! Being equivalent to a hospital grade disinfectant with Benzalkonium Chloride added to the formula, Synergy Worx Defense will help get the job done accordingly all while giving you a peace of mind after the job is completed!



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