SynergyWorx Ceramic Detail Spray 16oz

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SynergyWorx Ceramic Detail Spray 16oz

  • Super hydrophobic effect and deep shine
  • Protect your paint up to 6 months with a single application
  • Works great on all surfaces, paint, trims, wheels, plastics
  • Perfect for maintenance coating on your ceramic coated car

FIGHTING… out of the Pink corner! Weighing in at 16 oz, representing the USA… CERAMIC DETAIL SPRAY! Now was that an introduction or what? Since we were able to develop a Detail Spray that’s infused with SiO2, we would say it’s pretty well deserved! Performing as easy as our Detail Spray, but leaving behind a protective coating that can last up to 6 months… this stuff takes “Quick” Detailing to an entirely new level!


How to use

Step 1:

Spray product on surface or on microfiber
Step 2
Wipe down surface with Microfiber towel
Step 3
Flip over microfiber to buff product off
Step 4
Enjoy a glossy, super slick finish!


  • Introducing one of our newest and one of the most exciting products Synergy Worx has to offer, Synergy Worx Ceramic Detail Spray! Ever since “Ceramic” has been introduced to the Detailing Industry, it has slowly been taking over the interest of Car Enthusiasts everywhere! More protection, deeper gloss, better results… how could it not gather the attention it has? With understanding that this has become the new direction of the Detailing Industry, we designed a new Ceramic Detail Spray infused with Sio2 that will help provide an instant “WOW” factor when finishing off a Detail. Not only will it leave your jaw dropped, but it will protect your vehicles finish for up to 6 months!
  • In order to achieve the best possible product there is to offer, we made sure our new Ceramic Detail Spray is as easy to use as our regular Detail Spray, but made sure that it will provide better results than any Spray Wax or Spray Sealant on the market! Although our Ceramic Detail Spray was designed be used on the paint of your vehicle, it can be used on any exterior surface of your vehicle with amazing results! Now not only will your paint be protected, but the entire exterior surface as well!
  • For the best results when using Synergy Worx Ceramic Detail Spray, apply it directly to the panel or to a Detailing Microfiber Towel before working the product to a steak free finish. Keep in mind, less is sometimes more with this stuff, so don’t go crazy spraying it everywhere… unless you can’t get enough of the smell! To ensure a streak free finish, follow behind with a second microfiber.



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