Spotless Water Systems Simple Chuck Filter Set

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Order this replacement set and you will receive 2 filter cartridges in exchange for your expired filters. The gold filter replaces the left side and the blue filter replaces the side that has the 3 windows (so you can see when it turns gold and you need to replace filters).

Filters arrive in a special box that contains sealable bags and a pre-paid return label. Simply remove your expired filters, put them in the sealable bags then place in box. Attach prepaid label and give to your favorite FedEx guy or gal so they may be recycled and put into use with the next aficionado of all things *spotless*.

Your filters arrive in a box designed for re-use along with sealable plastic bags and a return label. Simply remove the 6 thumb screws (don’t forget righty-righty, lefty loosey!) from the base of your Double Chuck, lift off the cover, and remove the filters. NOTE: water will begin to flow out of the filters as soon as you lift one out so be sure to do this on an acceptable work surface.

Please stand filters upright for about 15 minutes to allow the water to drain so we don’t pay shipping for your old water (that part saves our green :-). Place the filters in the sealable bags, put ’em in the box along with placing the return shipping label on the outside. Give the box to FedEx and that’s all there is to it.


Filter Installation

The filters were designed with the flow in mind so this means one ‘points’ down and the other points up. Another way to say it is the blue cap is on the top of the gold filter and on the bottom of the blue filter (don’t forget- the blue one goes on the right side). Replace the top portion, tighten the 6 thumb screws and you’re good to go.



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