Spotless Water Systems R6-20 Refills For DIW/C-20 - 6 Pack

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The R6-20 refills the CR Spotless high capacity DI-20 deionizing system 3 times. Comes conveniently bagged in six pre-measured bags; each measured precisely to refill a 20″ cartridge (and maybe even have a few tablespoons left over…we'll never short-change your *spotless* needs!).

Changing the resin is simple and can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes. Simply unscrew the blue watertight housings and remove the resin cartridges. Properly dispose the used resin (it is non hazardous material but will be slippery if spilled on the floor so be careful!), rinse the cartridges, and refill with new resin. Place the cartridges back inside the housings ensuring the white cap is in the bottom of the blue housing (black washer still attached to the top), replace the centering ring atop the cartridge and reattach to the body of the unit.

Be sure to use a limited flow rate when restarting the system as you purge the air from the empty cartridges. After you hear all the air discharge from the ‘business end’ of your dispensing device (hose nozzle/pressure washer), get your *spot-free* clean game on and enjoy all the magic behind the science of deionized water!

NOTE- The resin has a shelf life of 12 months to maintain performance to specification. Use of resin after a year (all resin has a ‘use by’ date stamped on the package) may yield adverse results.



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