ServFaces Textil Fortis 10oz

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ServFaces Textil Fortis 300ml

For all textiles in the interior area of the automobile.


Spray servFaces Textil Cleaner on the textile surface and let it dwell and work into surface for 5 minutes.

Severe contamination can be removed with a soft brush. (Surface can be moistened with water beforehand.)

Please make sure that the surface is 100% free from oils, waxes, silicones, surfactants – only then our high performance coating will stick on the varnish surface.

Let the textile surface dry completely and mask adjacent plastic and glass parts.

Spray servFaces Textil Coatings evenly on the surface and rub it in the textile fiber with a non-soaking sponge.

Let the textile surface dry. If the surfaces are heavily strained, you can apply another layer of Textil Coating after the drying.

Do not load the textile surface mechanically for 6-8 hours if possible.

Please do not use other textile cleaners for pre-cleaning, since the composition of different textile cleaners could interfere with the sealing!



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