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ServFaces Leather Ultima 100ml

Leather Ultima is a protective coating designed to protect leather against UV Rays, Oils, Sweat, Dirt, and Spills.


Leather is a challenge When incorrectly cared for it loses its supple feel and becomes brittle. The servFaces Leather Care System is an all-round package of cleaning and care products - leather can be enjoyed for longer if well cared for.



Modern leather protection

Nothing lasts for ever, not even the best leather care. Wear and dirt attack the material The Leather Care System renews the leather's protection by using the latest impregnation technique and enhances its durability. As ever with servFaces, effectiveness and environmental impact are of utmost importance.


Soft surface, supple feel - the sign of good leather

Heavily stressed parts need particularly good care, for example the armrests of upholstered furniture, car interiors, bags or leather clothing. Sunlight and heat also attack the natural oils. The leather becomes brittle and fragile. Leather Creme by servFaces has an effective formula for replacing oils that contains moisture and elasticity without clogging the pores.


Enjoy your favourite colour for longer

A warm red, a cool blue - leather not only stands out for its feel, but also its look. Everyday influences such as UV rays cause colours to fade The Leather Care System by servFaces reinforces the leather's non-fade properties. Fading is prevented and the color intensity protected thanks to the sunlight protection factor.

Leather Care cleaning expert products


Prevention is the best cure, and the same applies to leather. Well cared for leather surfaces are less prone to stains. But if something does go wrong, the expert Leather Care System products are there to help. Whether ink stains, jeans marks on white upholstery, or engrained grease stains: servFaces has a cleaning specialist for every stain.




Leather Cleaner Medium

Applications: Normal stains

Slight to heavy smooth leather stains (car and furniture upholstery, bags, cases, clothing)

Not suitable for: Nubuck/velour/suede leather


The effective cleaning foam comes in a practical dispenser. Targeted application ensures considerably less waste than with liquid cleaners. The stability of the foam is a further advantage. This ensures the leather does not get too wet, or stiffen during drying.


The detergent additives do not remove everyday dirt containing oil or grease on all pure, aniline, semi-aniline, or covered leather. It is suitable for removing light water stains or tide marks formed by removing previous stains. Leather Cleaner Medium is an environmentally friendly product which fully degrades biologically.




Leather Cleaner Strong

Applications Surface stains from layers containing grease and oil. Slight to heavy smooth leather stains (car and furniture upholstery, bags, cases, clothing)

Not suitable for: Nubuck/velour/suede leather


Leather Cleaner Strong comes with the benefits of a foam cleaner. It deals with more stubborn stains that could not be removed with Leather Cleaner Medium, in particular layers containing oil and grease and shiny signs of wear. By using effective surfactants, Leather Cleaner Strong is less harmful to the environment compared to other cleaning agents. As a result, appropriate hazard information is not required.




Cleaning tip

Stains in difficult to reach areas such as seams or button pleats can also be cleaned with the servFaces leather and interior cleaning brush. After cleaning the leather should be left to dry fully and then treated with Leather Creme.






Stain Remover

Applications Non-water-soluble stains on all types of leather.


Stain Remover copes with stubborn stains itself. The stain remover is applied directly to the stain. You are best off using a cotton bud with small areas. A clean, lint-free absorbent linen cloth can be used with larger areas.


In order to avoid a tide mark, Leather Cleaner Medium should be applied after the stain has been removed. After the leather has dried it is treated with an impregnating spray (pure aniline, nubuck or suede leather) or, as may apply, servFaces Leather Creme (semi-aniline, car leather and nappa) in order to once again repel dirt and water.




Instructions for Application:

Spray leather surface with servFaces Leather Cleaner and allow to work in
for approximately 1 minute. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a soft brush.

Please ensure that the surface is completely free of oils, waxes, silicone and surfactants - otherwise our high-performance coating will not bond with the leather surface.

Allow the leather surface to dry completely and mask any adjacent synthetic parts.

Spray servFaces Leather Ultima evenly to the surface and work it in with the applicator.

Allow the leather surface to dry. With challenging surfaces you can apply an additional coating of Leather Ultima once they have dried.

If possible, do not apply mechanical stress to the leather surface for 6 to 8 hours.

The high-performance particles bond completely after approximately 24

Please do not use other leather cleaners for pre-cleaning as using different leather cleaners together
may affect how the sealer works.




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