ServFaces Leather Creme 8oz

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ServFaces Leather Creme 8oz

Applications Smooth leather (car of furniture upholstery)

Not suitable for: Nubuck/velour/suede leather


servFaces Leather Creme contains high-quality synthetic oils and fats. They keep the high-quality leather surface soft. Thanks to the additional impregnated protection, stains from water or dirt are unable to stick to the surface.


Leather Creme is applied to the clean dry leather. Just spread some cream with the microfibre applicator, Just a small amount is enough for normal size areas. The treatment should be repeated every three to six months.


Leather Care cleaning expert products


Prevention is the best cure, and the same applies to leather. Well cared for leather surfaces are less prone to stains. But if something does go wrong, the expert Leather Care System products are there to help. Whether ink stains, jeans marks on white upholstery, or engrained grease stains: servFaces has a cleaning specialist for every stain.




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