ServFaces Leather Cleaner 10oz

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ServFaces Leather Cleaner 300ml

Leather cleaner ideal for quick touch ups

Removes dirt and oil

Use before Ultima Coating application

– Free from Silicone
– Non-skin irritant product
– Environmentally friendly
– Streak-free cleaning
– Highly concentrated
– Strong cleaning performance
– Economic cleaning, less resources
– Neutralised surface, ready for sealing or coating

1. Spray the surface with the cleaning product and leave it for a moment to work into the dirt. Then remove the dirt using either the servFaces All-Round Towel or with a spray extraction device and rinse the surface with water. The remains of the cleaning product must be completely removed / neutralised.
2. Flat and unresponsive surfaces such as plastic will need to be neutralised using Surface Cleaner Neutra (similar application as Surface Cleaner Ultima)
3. Once the surface has dried after the cleaning process, the sealing and coating products can be successfully applied.




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