ServFaces Glass Coating Kit - Ultima

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ServFaces Glass Coating Kit (Ultima) 50ml


Included in this kit:

(1) Vitro Polish 150ml

(1) Vitro Ultima 50 ml

For all glass surfaces of the automobile. Product life approx. 12-14 months / consumption approx. 5-8 ml/m² (14,000 miles)

Thoroughly clean glass surface with Vitro Polish or polish with the polishing pad. After polishing , clean with Ultima surface cleaner and then neutralise with Neutra Cleaner.

Please ensure that the surface is completely free of oils, waxes, silicone and surfactants - otherwise our high-performance coating will not bond with the surface of the paint.

Spray or drip the product onto the microfiber
cloth until visibly wet.

Apply the product to the surface to be protected/wipe down and rub in until the excess has flashed off.

(A milky residue may form)

Always work in small sections. We recommend 50 x 50

You can use the product on the whole glass surface.

1. Coating
Work the product fully into the surface
to be sealed.

You can wipe the milky residue away after it
has dried for 30 to 60 minutes. If this process
becomes difficult, spray a small amount of the product onto
a microfiber cloth and wipe the residue away.

Maintaining intervals between additional coats: Leave at least 30 to 60 minutes and a maximum of 24 hours hours after every coating.






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