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FINAL is an especially developed finishing product for all servFaces paint sealants and paint coatings. The very simple and quick processing guarantees the finest gloss results and additionally a surface with a high degree of hydrophobicity.


The product attaches itself directly to the molecule, improves the surface’s dirt-repelling characteristics and additionally forms a wafer-thin and water-repelling protective layer.


FINAL increases the gloss and colour depth!



Product life:


Depending on the mileage driven and the washing behaviour, the durability is 11 to 16 months




Apply the product with the application cloth and applicator in small sections until a thin film is formed (you can treat the entire vehicle).

After approx. 10 to 20 minutes you can polish out the milky excess with the servFaces finishing cloth. Should this process prove to be difficult, then remove the dripping cap from the bottle and replace it with the spray head. Spray 1-2 times into the microfibre cloth and repeat the process. The excess is released with the fresh material and in this manner can be polished out easily.


The vehicle is ready for use again after a drying time of 2 hours.



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