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 Fast-Shine is an especially developed, silicone-free surface cleaner with active conservation protection. Applicable for all as new, smooth surfaces such as paint, plastic and glass on automobiles, caravans as well as exterior surfaces on yachts. The very simple and quick processing guarantees the best gloss results.


The product attaches itself directly to the paint molecule, improves the surface’s dirt-repelling characteristics and forms a wafer-thin and water-repelling protective layer. The product can be applied on both dry as well as damp surfaces (the latter will diminish the effect to a minimal degree). In order to achieve the best results, the surface to be sealed should be cool and dry.


Ideal for the care of exhibition vehicles.





  • Good hydrophobing
  • Increases gloss and smoothing
  • Resistant to weak acids and bases
  • Simple and quick processing
  • Minimal consumption
  • Free of silicone



ServFaces Fast-Shine

Product life:

Fast-Shine has a protective function of approx. 3-6 weeks. In order to achieve a better protective coat, you can apply an additional coat after 60 minutes.



Thinly spray the product on the surface and polish with the servFaces Premium Soft Towel until you achieve a highly glossy and streak-free result.

Excess material or light streaking can be polished out later with a fresh microfibre cloth.


Use with cars, yachts and aviation:

-You can return the vehicles to the customer after a drying time of 30 minutes.

-Processing temperature: 5 °C – 35 °C

-Use 3-5 ml/m2

-Do not use the product in direct sunlight.



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