ServFaces Ceramic Coat Rims

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ServFaces Ceramic Coat Rims 50ml

(rims, brake systems, exhaust components)



One technology for numerous surfaces. This transparent and high-strength surface coating from the servFaces series is a versatile and unique quality product. They offer optimal protection for rims, brake systems and exhaust parts.


Multi-talent for surface improvement

With a minimum amount applied, these highly transparent coatings form a long-acting scratch- and dirt-resistant protective layer. Ceramic Coat Rims is also extremely heat-resistant up to 1,050° C. As such, the surface's flammability properties are not adversely affected. The product cannot be removed by acids,


Natural factor

Our aim is quality products that leave a good impression. When developing them we therefore strive for the best possible sustainability for man and the environment. servFace coatings are safe for foods after they have dried.



  • Transparent and invisible long-term coating.
  • Fluorine-free and UV-resistant.
  • Anti-graffiti effect and protection from nearly all acids and alkalines as well as organic solvents.
  • Temperature-resistant from -50 °C – to max. +1,050 °C
  • Resistant to chemicals (brake fluid)
  • Weather resistant
  • Non-flammable/non-irritating
  • Scratch resistant
  • Protection against brake dust damaging paintwork.



Application instructions for servFaces Ceramic Coat Rims


Clean surfaces and remove grease Recommendation - Clean with Ultima Surface Cleaner and then neutralise with Neutra Cleaner.

Please ensure that the surface is completely free of oils, waxes, silicone and surfactants - otherwise our high-performance coating will not bond with the surface of the paint.

Add 12 - 15 drops of servFaces Ceramic Coat Rims to the

Apply Ceramic Coat Rims evenly to the rim until a sealed, visible film is created. Wipe away excess product immediately with a microfibre cloth. You can apply a further coat after 30 minutes. (Do not wait more than
45 minutes)

Coating procedure:

First apply a thin coat of Ceramic Coat Rims with an HVLP spray gun until the surface turns slightly matt. After 5 to 10 minutes apply the second coat until the surfaces becomes glossy.
Wiping dry:

The rims can be reassembled two hours after the Ceramic Coat Rims has been

Coating drying: The coating is dust dry after approximately 90 minutes. Please wait at least 6 hours before assembling the rims.

The drying process can be accelerated using an IR dryer.
60 minutes at 80°C



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