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 ServFaces Care Seal 200ml


Care - Seal is a specially developed fast sealer for all smooth surfaces such as paint, plastic and glass on car, caravan and yacht exteriors. The very simple and rapid processing guarantees the optimum in shine results.


The product attaches itself directly to the paint molecule, improves the dirt-repellent characteristics of the surface and forms a wafer-thin and water-repellent protective coating. The product can be applied to dry and moist surfaces. In order to achieve optimum results, the surface to be sealed should be cool and dry.


Care - Seal deepens the shine and depth of colour. You can also use the product as a care product on vehicles that have been sealed with Ceramic Sealer, Ceramic Coat Ultima and Ceramic Suave. In this way the service lives of the individual coatings are extended.



Service life:


Care – Seal has a protective function for approx. 7-9 weeks. In order to achieve an enhanced protective coating, you can apply a further layer after 30 minutes.





Spray the product onto a microfiber cloth and distribute over the clean and cool surface until the product is almost invisible.

You can remove excess material or slight streaks with an additional microfiber cloth.



- Do not work with the product in direct sunlight.




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