ServFaces All Around Cleaner 32oz

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ServFaces All Around Cleaner 32oz


servFaces Allround-Cleaner (High-Concentrate) is a pH-neutral, efficient and very powerful high-performance cleaner for versatile use. It is especially suited for the powerful and effective cleaning of all surfaces as those encountered in buildings, vehicle interiors, public transport and much more.


Ranges of application:

-Vehicle interiors

-Floors such as parquet, concrete, stone and tar


-Busses & transporters


-Trains & trams


-Industrial and craft applications

-Doors and windows



-Does not leave streaks behind

-Removes heavy contamination

-Can be applied both cold as well as hot

-Removes oil, grease and soot deposits

-Highly concentrated

-Strong cleansing power


-Does not develop toxic vapors




Spray servFaces Allround-Cleaner on the surface and allow it to work in for 1 to 3 minutes. Then loosen the contamination with a sponge or brush and absorb it with a microfiber cloth and allow it to dry.


When cleaning large surfaces, you can also add 20-30 ml to 7 liters of water and perform the cleaning as normal. The product is guaranteed to dry streak-free.


Do not use Allround-Cleaner in the sun and do not allow it to dry up.


Depending on the contamination, dilute at a ratio of 1:5 up to 1:300



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