MTM Hydro Professional Premium Snub Nose Spray Gun & Foam Cannon

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MTM Hydro Professional Premium Snub Nose Spray Gun & Foam Cannon


If it drives, flies, or floats... Foam it! With the All-New MTM Hydro Magnum 28 Gun & Foam Kit getting dirty never looked this good! Eliminate the risk of swirl marks when you apply thick foam onto your vehicle, truck, boat, house, or restaurant grill & hood. The SGS28 is an All-New gun that stainless steel with a life built in stainless swivel. That swivel will pivot with the uses preventing the hose from tangling up, flopping around and slamming up against the vehicle. The newly designed PF22 has an adjustable nozzle and intake knob have been engineered with oversized beveling for an easier grip in addition to an adjustable spray pattern (an industry 1st) and an all-new ergonomic Easy Grip bottle. This kit includes the All New Stainless Steel SGS-28 Easy Hold Spray Gun with built-in stainless steel swivel, the PF22 Foam Cannon, and stainless steel hardware. Each Kit includes: 1 - SGS-28 Spray Gun 4,000 PSI, 12 GPM features an all new stainless steel construction with a builtin Live stainless steel swivel, 1 - PF-22 Foam cannon with 1/4" plug, tube, and bottle 1 - Roll of Teflon tape, All stainless steel fittings plus a brass M22 adapter.
  • Kit includes the following items:
  • PF22 Foam Cannon
  • 1,100 - 5,000 PSI, 1.8 - 5.3 GPM, 140 F°
  • SGS-28 Spray Gun
  • Integrated Stainless Swivel, 4,000 PSI, 12 GPM, 320 F°, Stainless Steel Hardware



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