Menzerna 2400 Medium Cut Polish 32oz

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Menzerna 2400 32oz.


Medium Cut Polish 2400 (formally known as Super Intensive Polish SI 1500 and PO83), is an amazing medium to heavy cutting polish manufactured by Menzerna in Germany. Menzerna is one of the world's premier manufacturer's of polishes and detailing products that has been in business over 120 years! Menzerna continuously pushes to set the bar high for automotive detailing excellence and the 2400 is a great example of their hard work. Menzerna has extensively refined the Intensive Polish to create the Super Intensive Polish which has more cutting power and finishes down far better. The micro-abrasives used are extremely fine and densely clustered to give you lots of cutting power to eliminate swirls, fine scratches, oxidation, watermarks and other imperfections safely and effectively. 2400 is ideal for removing imperfections in newer and harder ceramic clear coats or traditional clear coats. The ability to remove paint defects with this polish is even more impressive considering how smooth it finishes down the paint. The ultra fine cutting particles leave the surface extremely smooth and glossy. The glossy surface helps provide the maximum reflection that can be enhanced by adding a glaze, sealant or wax on top of it. Depending on your pad and application method you may need to follow up with a lighter pad and polish. 2400 is one of the most well balanced polishes ever created that has quickly become the favorite of many professional detailers. It is a water based polish with no silicone so it's safe on all clear coats and will leave minimal dusting. Get the premier medium to heavy cutting polish that will leave your paint looking its best with the Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2400.



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