Lithium Auto Elixirs Slather Bio Cleanse 16oz

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Lithium Auto Elixirs Slather - Bio Cleanse


Slather Leather Conditioner and Cleaner.


Slather- Bio Cleanse was designed to intensely clean and condition leather. It lifts dirt without drying out the out the hide. Leaving behind soft leather that looks and smells like new ! The surface will have a healthy low sheen factory fresh look. Most cleaning products cause more harm than good. Slather conditions with each use adding moisture and conditioners. 

Why Should I Buy Slather ?


If you are looking for the best possible way to quickly condition, clean and protect your your seats, then you shall look no further. This product will keep your interior hides healthy and smelling great, while shielding them from U.V. rays and dry climates, both of which have a tendency to suck the life out of your inner hide. Slather is high on moisture, low on shine and is formulated to remove bad oils (the kind that come from your skin) and replace them with clean healthy conditioners. Leaving leather how the manufacture had intended, soft and low sheen.



Slather -Bio Cleanse is not an "All Purpose Cleaner" it was not designed to remove gum, Slurpee stains or blood. But instead lift bacteria laden oils and dirt, which come from your skin and other sources. No these types of things are not harmful to you, however, they do have to eat and leather is considered a delicacy in most Bacterium Cultures. Therefore, you want to keep your seats  and steering wheels clean, conditioned and protected.



We recommend for the first round of cleaning, that you utilize a soft scrub brush  (preferably horse hair) no we are not 'Brush Snobs' it is just that horse hair brushes happen to be very soft and exceptionally well suited for this type of task:) If your seats are really nasty, spray on slather and allow it to remain on the surface for a few minutes, then start agitating the surface with a scrub brush. This will lift that initial grime from the grain and creases in the leather. Afterwards, wipe the surface clean with a microfiber towel that has been moistened with warm to hot water. This step will take the incumbent dirt from the surface into the  towel. Then dry. After this initial right of passage, a simple spray and wipe on a regular basis will keep all your leather surfaces looking and feeling great. But most of all Healthy.  



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