Lithium Auto Elixirs Color Crush 16oz

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Lithium Auto Elixirs Color Crush

Ceramic Quick Detailer


Color Crush is a unique quick detailing technology, which combines a Cross-Linked Pre-cured Polymer with Si02 into one quick detailing spray. This fusion binds to paint and other surfaces better than anything we have mixed to date and makes existing sealants and ceramic coatings more durable.

This combination of ingredients in Color Crush quick detailer spray goes on quickly and buffs off super easy. You can do an entire car in just minutes and achieve a slick, hydrophobic, and deep glossy shine. The water beading produced by Color Crush and other ceramic spray coatings is amazing and it so versatile that you can use it on paint, chrome, windows for rain protection, and wheels to help keep brake dust at bay. 

Car washes and harsh detergents are like Kryptonite to Si02, breaking it down quickly. We eliminated this problem by combining the Si02 with ingredients that are impervious to such assaults and will continue to protect the paint finish for months, even under the harshest circumstances.

When to use Color Crush Ceramic Spray Detailer

Before a car show, a night on the town, or just for a little mental therapy, you will find the glass-smooth finish and shine to be quite addicting, making you want to spray it on everything you own: motorcycles, R.V.s, Boats, Jet Skis, Mountain Bikes. Color Crush ceramic quick detailer will give new life to any finish and help keep it clean longer. It is so slick; it will reduce dust, water spots, and dirty water residue. It is also great as an after wash drying agent. Just spray it on the paint while it is still wet and buff dry.

A quick spray on plastic trim helps reduce fading and cracking and leaves the plastic-looking revitalized and hydrated. U.V. inhibitors help stop fading and cracking.


The premise of Color Crush Quick Detailer

A quick and easy hydrophobic spray that will resist dirt, pollutants, and protect the paint from the elements for weeks while helping your paint shine longer. It works on any surface so you do not need to worry about overspray or getting it on non-painted surfaces. It takes the labor of waxing a vehicle and makes it a super-fast process and allows you to spray detail your whole car in less than ten minutes. The other nice aspect of Color Crush is that you can use it to quickly detail 10 cars or more with one bottle!

This Product's Super Power

If being super easy to use with end results, which are truly satisfying to look at and feel while offering incredible protection, are indeed superpowers. Then Color Crush is the king of them all. It takes the learning curve out of using ceramic coatings and makes it as easy as a traditional quick detailing spray but only much better. The SiO2 ceramic ingredient in this quick detail spray makes it like a hydrophobic shield on your paint that a Roman soldier would be proud of. Ceramic quick detail sprays are going to change the game of quick and instant detailing products. Not because they are just as efficient in time but because of the level of added protection and value are unmatched. Ceramic detailing sprays are versatile and work as a drying agent, clay bar lubricant, waterless cleaning option, windshield protectant, and bring epic gloss all in one easy to use spray bottle.



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