Limitless Car Care Waterless Wipe 32oz

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 Limitless Waterless Wipe 32oz


Don't drag out the hose and bucket when all that's needed is a waterless wash to get the job done. Waterless Wipe offers a quick, effective, and environmentally friendly cleaning option that is safe for all exterior vehicle surfaces. Waterless Wipe is formulated with emulsifiers to lift and suspend contaminants, and superior lubricity to wipe them away without damaging the paint or delicate areas of the vehicle. For best results use with a Limitless Infinity Microfiber Towel, and follow-up with Limitless Swift Shine.  


  • Working one panel at a time, finely mist surface. Use a Limitless Infinity Microfiber Towel to wipe using the following technique to ensure constant contact with a clean area of the towel: begin with a quarter folded towel under your palm, and slowly wipe horizontally while rotating your hand from a palm down to palm up position with each pass of the towel. Use a clean area of the towel for each new pass. Spray one fine mist per panel for final buffing with a clean towel.






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