Limitless Car Care Vast Wax

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Limitless Vast Wax


Vast Wax by Limitless is ideal for achieving a deep, glossy, and wet look. The extremely easy-on, easy-off formula saves time and effort during a multi-stage detail, providing flawless and effortless protection. Vast Wax comes with a high-quality microfiber applicator.


  • Wash with Limitless Strip Down and clay with Limitless Clay Bar to prep paint for waxing. Dab applicator pad onto product until pad is covered with a thin layer of Vast Wax. Do not saturate pad. Apply in straight lines over the panel to be waxed. Let wax dry and remove with a Limitless Infinity Microfiber Towel or a Limitless Equalizer Microfiber Towel. A second coat is recommended to ensure total coverage.



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