Limitless Car Care Uppercut 16oz

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Limitess Uppercut Heavy Compound


This bottle puts a hurting on swirls and scratches giving them an uppercut and preparing to knock them out! Uppercut is a diminishing abrasive based polish that offers a heavy cut solution with minimal dusting and stunning finish. Uppercut was carefully formulated to be user friendly for professionals and hobbyists alike. Dual action and rotary approved; microfiber, foam, and wool friendly.  


  • For machine use only. Prior to application, clean paint with Limitless Strip Down and clay with Limitless Clay Bar to prep paint for polishing. Prime buffing pad prior to first pass by applying a thin layer of Uppercut to entire face of pad. Apply 4 - 6 pea sized dots of Uppercut to buffing pad and work in a 2 x 2 foot area using slow overlapping passes until desired results are achieved. Remove product with a Limitless El Rey Microfiber Towel, and always follow up with Limitless Knockout for the perfect one-two punch.



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