Limitless Car Care Knockout Light Cut Polish 16oz

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Limitless Knockout


Put an end to light swirls and marring. Whether as a follow-up to Uppercut or working on its own, Knockout delivers the final punch to turn up the shine. Dual action and rotary approved; microfiber, foam, and wool friendly. To finish to perfection, top with Vast Wax.  


  • For machine use only. Prior to application, clean paint with Limitless Strip Down and clay with Limitless Clay Bar to prep paint for polishing. If used as a follow-up to Limitless Uppercut, a second cleaning and claying is not necessary. Prime buffing pad prior to first pass by applying a thin layer of Knockout to entire face of pad. Apply 4 - 6 pea sized dots of Knockout to buffing pad and work in a 2 x 2 foot area using slow overlapping passes until desired results are achieved.



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