Limitless Car Care Cockpit Care Interior Dressing UV Protectant 16oz

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Limitless Cockpit Care


Cockpit Care was designed with UV neutralizers to battle the harsh rays of the sun and protect the surfaces found inside your vehicle, including dash, plastic, vinyl, and leather. Cockpit Care leaves a clean dressed look and is not slick or greasy to the touch when dry. Formulated to perform as a one-step light cleaner and dressing, Cockpit Care allows you to skip a step and go directly to dressing your interior without first wiping down lightly soiled surfaces.  

  • Spray onto a Limitless Grime Grabber Microfiber Towel or directly onto surface to be dressed. Wipe surface until even coverage is achieved. To eliminate uneven spots, or if a lower shine is desired, finish by buffing.



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