Lake Country UDOS 51E Polisher

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 Lake Country UDOS 51E Polisher


Say goodbye to using 5 tools and say hello to saving time, space and money. The Lake Country Power Tools UDOS 51E is five expertly designed tools in one. With the UDOS 51E you get a rotary, sanding, 12mm, 15mm and 21mm random orbit polishing all in one top of the line machine. Easy to use, quick to adjust modes and the powerful motor, makes the UDOS 51E the first 5-in-1 polisher in the world.

The LC Power Tools UDOS 51E 5 in 1 Polisher allows you to use 5x different stroke sizes and motions, all in one awesome machine! You heard correct, you get five different types of motions from just one buffer. You can use it as a random orbital buffer with 3 different settings that are safe and easy, you can use it for sanding, or select the rotary function for high-speed polishing. As a detailer you work with so many different cars, trucks, SUVs, etc. that have their own unique shapes and sizes. Long-throw polishers are great as they specialize in quickly removing imperfections, but that long throw can make it tough to reach tight areas and polish around curves. LC Power Tools saw this issue and sought out to correct it. With the UDOS 51E 5 in 1 Polisher, you can quickly and easily switch between the random orbit function with 3x throw sizes (21mm, 15mm, and 12mm) along with rotary or sanding action motions on the fly. Utilize the smaller throw for tight spaces, applying protection or new detailers, but when you want to correct paint we recommend some of the longer throw distances or the rotary function to maximize results. This not only helps you save valuable time while detailing but allows you to detail a vehicle with one tool instead of multiple polishers. Save time and money with the UDOS! Below you will find more information on some of the best features of this unit:

  • UDOS - Stands for User-Defined Orbital Stroke. Easily switch from 12mm, 15mm or 21mm and rotary/sanding motions
  • Strong Cord - LC designed a rugged strain relief and the cord is fully integrated into the tool housing, not just an exit hole. The cord is also angled upwards so you can comfortably and easily throw it over your shoulder and out of the way when detailing.
  • Vibration Control & Balance - When polishing, excess vibration can lead to fatigue. LC Power Tools attacked this issue with internal drivetrain bumper mounts and external rubber grips.




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