Lake Country CCS White Foam Polishing Pad Six And A Half Inch

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Lake Country - CCS White Hook & Loop Foam Polishing Pad - 6.5 Inch


This white polishing pad is a medium-density flat pad. The foam is less dense than the Lake Country orange pad and creates less friction as you polish. We use the white pad on new cars with dealer-installed swirls or to smooth rough edges left by a more aggressive polish. This pad is recommended for paint in good condition that just needs a little work to get back to a smooth condition. The 6.5” pad requires a 5" or 6" hook loop backing plate.


  • MEANT FOR FINE FINISH - The polishing pad uses a less dense foam formula ideal for the application of waxes, micro-fine polishes, and sealants.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 5” OR 6” BACKING PLATE - The 6.5"x1.25” CCS foam polishing pad is compatible with a 5" or 6” backing plate. Our polishing pads feature hook & loop fasteners to secure the pad to the backing plate.
  • CCS TECHNOLOGY - Through CCS (Collapsed Cell Structure) technology, our polishing pads gain better traction for easier user control, create less heat, and prevent pad skipping. OEM tests confirm CCS pads out-perform convoluted pad designs.
  • SLOWS RATE OF POLISH ABSORPTION - The pads are slow to absorb products, which means the paint benefits from a longer working time.
  • IMPROVES OPERATOR CONTROL - CCS pockets gradually release polish as needed by the operator. Since these areas are not absorbing polish, they serve as little reservoirs until the excess polish is needed.





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