Jescar React Wheel Cleaner 22oz

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Jescar React Wheel Cleaner 22oz


The Jescar ReactShine Wheel Cleaner will help you remove baked-on brake dust, road grime, dirt and more with ease! Other than your tires, your wheels are the closest part of the car to the ground. Throw in the amount of brake dust that comes off your brake pads while driving and it is no surprise with how dirty your wheels can get. With ReactShine Jescar formulated a product that not only targets dirt and grime, but also iron deposits, making an extremely versatile wheel cleaner. Simply spray the product onto a wet wheel and let the product dwell. The powerful detergents and iron reactive compounds in the formula will turn purple to indicate when it is ready for rinsing. Rinse the surface and step back to look at the clean surface! If you have any heavier soiled wheels, scrubbing with your favorite wheel brush is highly recommended for best results. Clean up your wheels today with the Jescar ReactShine Wheel Cleaner!



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