Jescar All in One Polish and Wax, Correcting Compound, Medium Polish 8oz

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All-in-One Polish and Wax 

The single-step detailing solution without compromise. Combining the cutting action of our compound and the finishing quality of our polish, then adding a durable acrylic wax, perfect results can be achieved in only one application. Clean, polish and protect the paint all in one step with Jescar All-in-One polish and wax. Designed to work equally well with either a rotary or DA polisher, especially when using the Jescar yellow polishing foam pad. Available in 8 ounce, 32 ounce!

Correcting Compound

Superior defect removal, excellent gloss, no dusting and easy clean-up. Exactly what you would expect in a high performance compound and Jescar Correcting Compound will exceed your expectations. Eliminates heavy scratches, oxidation and signs of wear on all paint systems, even on fiberglass gelcoat. On fresh paint P1500 grit sanding marks can be removed quickly and easily. Can be used with a rotary polisher and wool compounding pad for maximum cutting ability. When used with a DA polisher along with the new Jescar microfiber cutting pad you will achieve the perfect combination of speed and gloss. True one-step paint correction is possible by using the Jescar Correcting Compound with our new yellow foam polishing pad and a DA polisher. Available in 8 ounce, 32 ounce!

Medium Polish

The perfect solution for elimination medium scratches and heavy swirl marks from automatic car washes and daily use. Jescar Medium Polish has the power to repair moderate defects on all paint systems and leave a perfect gloss finish. Sanding marks from P2500 grit sandpaper are removed effortlessly, even on scratch resistant paint. Works perfectly with the new Jescar yellow polishing foam pad a DA polisher for professional results on a one-step paint correction. Available in 8 ounce, 32 ounce!



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