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Gyeon Q² Syncro



Advanced quartz technology combined with user friendly characteristics

The most advanced ceramic coating for enthusiasts and detailing professionals. Sophisticated 2-stage formula delivers great results with minimum effort. Q² Syncro offers incredible slickness and repellency. The Q² Mohs base provides hardness and significant durability. Q² Skin is a thick and flexible topcoat that provides great self-cleaning abilities.


Q² Syncro is the most advanced widely available coating offered by Gyeon. Its aim is to offer professional coating experience to all customers outside the Certified Detailer Program. Its multilayer application ends with the application of Q² Skin, an advanced silicone-based topcoat that provides exceptional slickness and unrivalled hydrophobicity. Despite the three-layered application, both base and topcoat are user friendly and easy to apply.

Q² Mohs is the hardest automotive paint coating available to a wide range of users. Extraordinary hardness of the coating preserves the effects achieved with paint correction. Combined with the extreme slickness of the Q² Skin topcoat, the Q² Syncro coating system provides immense benefits during daily maintenance routines, making regular care less frequent and easier.




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