Gyeon Leather Set Strong

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Gyeon Leather Set Strong


Q²M Leather Set Strong is the complete solution combining Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong, a powerful pre-coating leather cleaner and Q²M LeatherCoat to achieve the ideal leather maintenance & protection solution. Q²M Leather Strong ensures the removal of deep dirt, oil residue and provides best preparation for coating. Q²M LeatherCoat ensures a long lasting matte clean surface and makes future maintenance easier against contamination.

All in One

This full set comes with the brand new Q²M LeatherBrush & Q²M MF Applicator as well as a MF Towel and the new foam dispenser, allowing more effective and easier application out of the box. Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong ensures the removal of dirt, oily residue and provides best preparation for coating. Q²M LeatherCoat ensures a long lasting protecive effect and makes future maintenance easier.

Strong and effective

Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong is the ultimate solution for cleaning and preparing leather upholstery for application of a quartz coating. It does not contain any softening additives and does not leave any residue that could potentially interfere with a quality coating. Q²M LeatherCleaner leaves a fully matte finish and is suitable for all modern types of leather.


  • Be sure to vacuum your upholstery first to ensure that any large and loose debris is removed prior to cleaning.
  • For light soil, spray GYEON LeatherCleaner Strong onto a microfiber and wipe the surface panel by panel.
  • In all other cases, spray the cleaner directly onto the surface and work it in using the GYEON LeatherBrush.
  • Use a damp microfiber to wipe off any excess product.
  • Once the surface is clean and dry, Spray GYEON LeatherCoat onto a microfiber applicator and apply an even layer of product onto the surface.
  • Once applied, allow GYEON LeatherCoat 12 to dry completely prior to driving the vehicle.

Kit Contains:

  • 1 Qty. LeatherCleaner Strong - 200 ml.
  • 1 Qty. LeatherCoat - 120 ml.
  • 1 Qty. Microfiber Towel
  • 1 Qty. Q²M Micofiber Applicator
  • 1 Qty. Q²M LeatherBrush



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