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GYEON Bug & Grime Remover 400 ml



GYEON Bug & Grime Remover is a powerful cleaner that dissolves bugs and grime before they can cause permanent damage to paint. This easy to use spray formula is perfect for removing more than just bugs too; use it for road grime, tar, road film, and other common contaminants as well. GYEON Bug & Grime Remover is safe on your vehicle, whether it’s been treated with and SiO2 coating or not!

Driving down a bug-swarmed highway is never fun. Once you manage to get the windshield somewhat clean, you start to think about the dead bugs eating away at your bumper! When you make it home and it’s time to clean them off, don’t fall for one of those bug cleaning gimmicks, use a product that works, like GYEON Bug & Grime Remover.

GYEON Bug & Grime Remover makes bug removal easier. You won’t need an improvised scraper or a coarse scrubber that could damage the surface. All you’ll need is a couple of sprays of GYEON Bug & Grime Remover and a quick rinse and your vehicle will be bug free! GYEON Bug & Grime Remover is essential for preventing the damage that caustic bug guts can cause.



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