Gtechniq Easy Coat 17oz

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Gtechniq  Easy Coat



The Gtechniq EC Easy Coat is a spray-on, rinse off protection protect safe for various surfaces! When protecting surfaces, most are apply to the desired area and wipe away. With EC, you can apply to a wet surface and rinse, the application is really that easy and saves you a great deal of time. To apply, attach a regular garden hose to the adapter at the top of the bottle. On the side, you will have a nozzle to turn the water on/off. This allows you to wet the surface, then apply the EC at a 20:1 ratio, then back to rinse to finish the application off. The high-end formula will not leave behind any residue and it is aquatic safe. You can apply to various vehicles, undercarriages, motorcycles and boats! After application, you will be left with a protective layer that lasts up to three months. Each 500ml bottle will last for 2-3 average size vehicles. 



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