Griots Garage Ceramic Wash N Coat

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Griot’s Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat


Ceramic Wash & Coat's ultra-slick formula offers versatile application, adaptable to your preferred method of washing including the traditional contact bucket wash or in a foaming tool such as a Foaming Sprayer or Foam Cannon. The concentrated, pH balanced, low-sudsing formula can be used to maintain existing wax, sealed, or coated finishes or as your sole source of protection. It's so hydrophobic, your car will have substantially less water on the paint after a wash, saving tons of time in the drying process. Ceramic Wash & Coat is safe on all exterior materials and will impart ceramic protection to paint, exterior trim, wheels and glass. Layering Ceramic Wash & Coat, Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax, and Ceramic Speed Shine® delivers a winning combo for best in class ceramic protection.

“Ceramic protection” is a term that speaks to many that you can expect great protection and durability. A lot of the time ceramic protection is a later step, once the car has been properly washed first. But not anymore, not with Griot’s Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat! It’s the easy way to add ceramic protection every time you wash.

Griot’s Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat can first and foremost be used with any car washing process. This means you can use Griot’s Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat if you like the classic bucket wash, or if you like using a Foaming Sprayer of Foam Canon. You decide, either way Griot’s Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat will provide your wash with a concentrated, low-sudsing, pH-balanced formula. This product is also highly lubricant to provide for a safe washing experience.

What makes Griot’s Garage Ceramic Wash & Coat great is its SiO2 ceramic protection. This provides an intense amount of durable protection every time you wash your car. The hydrophobicity prevents water from drying on your surface which not only saves you drying time, but also prevents water spots and contamination from pooling in the future.

This wash is safe to use on paint, exterior trim, wheels, and glass, so feel free to go at it with your car washing time. It can be used with a variety of different products to enhance protection and look, such as the Griot’s Garage Ceramic Speed Shine.



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