Forma RVP Trim Shine 16oz

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Forma RVP Trim Shine is a versatile product for restoring and conditioning interior and exterior trim. Our UV-protective formula is perfect for conditioning tires, vinyl, leather, and plastic. Bring back to life dull and faded surfaces with Forma’s RVP Trim Shine. Once applied, our sealant technology bonds to the surface creating a deep, wet appearance, which is dry to the touch and non-oily.

The Forma Advantage

  • Durable, long lasting UV protection
  • Non-oily, 100% dry to the touch
  • Restores and conditions rubber, vinyl, plastic, trim and leather
  • Great for interior and exterior


  1. Thoroughly clean the surface before applying Forma RVP Trim Shine.
  2. For lightly soiled interiors, we recommend prepping the surface with Forma Interior Detailer. For heavily soiled interiors, clean with Forma APC diluted 20:1 before application.
  3. For exterior surfaces, prep all plastic, rubber, and vinyl by either washing or with Forma APC diluted at 10:1.
  4. Apply Forma RVP Trim Shine onto Applicator Sponge for interiors and all trim. For tires apply directly onto Forma Tire Applicator Sponge and gently work into surface.
  5. Allow Forma RVP Trim Shine to dry and remove any excess with a  Microfiber Towel.



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