Elite Silk Edge Microfiber Detailing Towel 360gsm 16x24 Inch

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Detailing Connect Elite Silk Edge Microfiber Detailing Towel 360 gsm, 16 in. x 24 in.


This 360gsm 16"x24" Single Plush Elite silk edge cloth is the work horse of car care. It is by far the number one selling auto drying towel, and you can buy these microfiber towels at wholesale prices. One side is plush, perfect for waterless car washes, quick detailers, and interior dusting; the other side is woven tight, with no pile, and cuts through wax and polish residue with ease. The high pile side of this microfiber detailing cloth is more gentle, and the low pile side has more bite.

We offer a variety of fabric and edging color options for color coding your various tasks. Some people like white to see the dirt they are collecting and insure that dirty towels are not over used, and some people like black to hide any potential staining.

Each microfiber detailing towels has a bound edge with our soft silk binding which provides durability and protects from scratching.



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