EcoOne Hose Filter

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EcoOne Hose Filter



With one simple natural pre-filter you can remove tons of problem contaminants from your tap water before it has a chance to cause problems for your spa. This simple versatile screw on filter catches dozens of contaminants that can cause real problems for your spa, hot tub, or pool down the line. Our HOSE Pre-Filter uses a natural carbon charcoal and KDF based dual chamber system to get rid of contaminants like Lead, Iron, Chlorine, Pesticides, Mercury, Arsenic, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Copper, Chromium, and many others. Many of these contaminants can damage your systems over time and cause early failure for other filters. So, we've created a simple inline filter to catch these problems early.

It's good for up to 40,000 gallons of water and works with any standard hose line.Start using cleaning that protects you and your filters. This pre-filter increases your filter's functionality without altering the chemistry of your water. Get cleaner water the natural way.



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