Dr. Beasley's NSP 95 9oz Nano Surface Primer

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NSP 95 is a fully inorganic fine cut primer, engineered specifically to prime for ceramic nanocoating application. It removes scratches and oxidation, builds thickness and protects before coating application. Use NSP 95 to tackle scratches and oxidation of mild severity prior to finishing with NSP 45.

 BUILDS THICKNESS FOR COATING DURABILITYNSP 95 adds thickness to paint while correcting

 QUICKLY REMOVES SCRATCHES & OXIDATIONUses microsphere abrasives to eliminate scratches fast with exacting precision

 PROTECTS WORK BEFORE COATINGProtects paint while correcting to prevent scratches & contamination before coating

 NO SILICONE OILS OR RESIDUEZero organic content eliminates IPA/panel wipe step for better efficiency



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