Dr. Beasley's NSP 150 Heavy Cut Primer 8oz

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NSP 150 is a fully inorganic heavy cut primer, engineered specifically to prime for ceramic nanocoating application. It removes deep scratches, builds thickness and lays a foundation for nanocoating. Use NSP 150 to tackle severe scratches and other defects. Follow with NSP 95 or finish with NSP 45.

LAYS FOUNDATION FOR NANOCOATINGNSP 150 creates a coating foundation as it corrects paintwork

REMOVES DEEP SCRATCHES FASTFast-cutting microsphere abrasives quickly remove deep scratches with stellar results

BUILDS COATING THICKNESS FOR DURABILITYFoundation adds protective thickness for a more durable coating

NO SILICONE OILS OR RESIDUEZero organic content eliminates IPA/panel wipe step for better efficiency



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