Chemical Guys Red Rocket Wheel & Rim Detailing Brush - Large

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Chemical Guys Red Rocket Wheel and Rim Detailing Brush


This innovative brush features a unique flexible spine that allows you to clean even the toughest and most inconvenient areas quickly and easily. Bend the brush to a 90 degree angle to clean the back of your wheels and say sayonara to even the most hidden and caked-on dirt. The Red Rocket Brush is so thorough that it will clean dirt that you didn’t even know was there! Simply bend the brush, insert into your wheel, and watch filthy brown water stream down from seemingly clean wheels. Even though you can’t see it, when left untreated, hidden brake dust and debris can damage your wheel from the inside out. A detailing brush that can bend to whatever shape you need, the Red Rocket Brush effortlessly scrubs around brake calipers, inner wheel rims, and behind wheel spokes for ultimate detailing versatility. The sturdy construction of the twisted metal spine means that once the brush is bent to the desired angle, it won’t bend back until you want it to. There’s nothing more frustrating and having an “adjustable” product that just won’t stay put, so we developed the Red Rocket with quality materials so it will do what you want, when you want.



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