Active Autowerke BMW 2008 To 2012 E9X M3 Performance Air Filter With Cleaning Kit Combo

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  • The Active Autowerke BMW E9x M3 Performance Air filter was engineered and designed to effectively increase your BMW M3's horsepower while maintaining OEM like fit and quality.

The Active Autowerke M3 'Green' Filter features a special reinforced side wall to guarantee perfect fit and no failure like many other aftermarket filters with thin walls. Not only will this system help increase air flow to your engine, but it will also help with your gas mileage.

This S65 BMW M3 Performance air filter is a must for the enthusiast looking to get the most out of their E9X BMW M3. This filter is available for both US Spec and Euro Spec M3's from 2008-2012.
Filter is a reusable and can be cleaned with our filter cleaning kit, meaning this will be your last filter.
Keep your Active Autowerke / Green High Performance Air Filter in perfect condition with the specially formulated Recharge Oil (8 oz.) and Cleaner Spray (12 oz.). Both are sold together as a complete Cleaning KIT. The recharge oil is designed to trap the smallest of dirt particles ensuring your engine breathes only the cleanest of air, and does not damage any vehicle sensors and ensure that your Green Filter can trap before they reach your engine.


  • Green High Performance Air Filters are uniquely designed to take full advantage of cottons capabilities.
  • Unlike multi-layer gauze filters which can fray and release fiber particles into your engine, The Active Autowerke BMW M3 Filter uses two layers of tightly-interwoven cotton fabric. The 3 main benefits to woven cotton are the fact its thinner, holds oil better, and is stronger. Since its thinner, it allows better air flow without sacrificing filtration. The cotton holds the oil more evenly, and the medium is much stronger. Unlike gauze, you cannot wear a hole in woven cotton by rubbing it, and there is no way small bits of cotton can rip off since its interlocked with another piece.
  • Direct OEM like fit with superior quality
  • These filters are coated in steel mesh for extra strength and durability, because of this, Green filters are much more dent resistant.
  • These USA filters offer fully seam welded, powder coated, laser cut steel housing with pre-assembled rubber seals on our intake housings.

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