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Product Review: Gyeon Q2 Can Coat


Product Review: Gyeon Q2 Can Coat


Product Review: Gyeon Q2 Can Coat


Today I would like to take the chance to quickly review a product new to Detailing Connect but not new the the detailing world. Gyeon Quartz, a detailing product manufacturer and coating company has gained the attention of many professional and enthusiast detailer's alike.

"Gyeon offers a range of premium quality products, which have been thoroughly tested to satisfy the needs of car detailing enthusiasts, as well as the exacting requirements of professionals.. They are thoroughly tested by scientists in the laboratory and also by professional detailing businesses before they ever reach the market, to guarantee you proven results and indisputable quality."

We have tested some products and wanted to first bring attention to a rather under rated product know as Q2 Can Coat. Q2 CanCoat applied to your vehicle’s paint provides you with a protective layer against UV-rays, strong chemicals, bird droppings or road salt, and also prevents the paint’s oxidation. Q² CanCoat will retain most of its hydrophobic and self-cleaning abilities for up to 6 months and will provide and amazing shine for not being a wax based product. We decided to test the product on an Audi TT to see how we like the application process, gloss, hydrophobic ability, and overall outcome.

Here is how the can coat comes packaged

Gyeon can coat

Gyeon Can q2 Coat

As you can see it comes very nicely packaged with some extras in the container. The package comes with a microfiber towel for application as well as two sprayers for multiple uses. Be sure to clean your sprayer after each use to ensure no left over product is in the tube as it will harden and make the sprayer unusable.


The Audi TT we applied it on is about 10 years old and has seen its fair share of abuse. This car had a coat of wax on it but it was about due for a refresher.


Here is what the water beading looked like before we applied the coating.

As you can see it beads but not very tightly. This is after a wash.

After we washed the paint we decontaminated it and prepped it for the coating. If you were to polish or do any type of paint correction, make sure you remove the polish oils with a product like CarPro Eraser to ensure the paint is bare of any oils or residue.

Next we started the application. Unlike most spray coatings this spread in a more thin fashion, very little product is needed to spread. We recommend using a towel to spread the product and a second towel to remove any excess residue.


See image below for an idea of what it looks like on surface.


It is probably the strongest hydrophobic coating in such form in the Gyeon range and for the price. The contact angle of a fresh coating exceeds 100 degrees and comes combined with fantastic chemical resistance.

Next we tested the same spot with water that was tested prior to coating.

As you can see the water bead is much stronger and just falls off the car. This will also help when cleaning as dirt and other debris do not want to stick to the surface, removing and drying will be very easy next wash.


Gloss was a solid 8/10 for no paint correction and such a simple product. All told application took less then 20 minutes. A side note: be careful not to get on the windows as it can be hard to remove.


audi tt


Here is a look at the finished product. We recommend this be in any detailer's arsenal as a way to offer a customer a coating that will last at least 6 months for a reasonable price. If your an at home detailer, looking to keep your car protected but aren't ready to apply a full blown coating system, this might be the perfect in between solution.


Happy Detailing!!!!

Gyeon Can Coat


By Jared Brachfeld
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