Product Review: Gyeon Cure


Product Review: Gyeon Cure


Product Review: Gyeon Cure


Product Review: Gyeon Cure

Ceramic coatings have allowed for easy car care maintenance. With the introduction of ceramic coatings however, many believe there is no maintenance needed. And while it is true there is certainly less maintenance needed, topping off your coating with a high quality maintenance product will certainly extend the life of the coating.

Recently a F350 came in that had been coated with Gyeon Q2 Mohs, this coating specifically comes with a durability that lasts about 18 months when properly maintained. This means using a PH balanced soap or a soap with silica content such as Gyeon Bathe+

After we completed the normal wash process and ensured the surface was dry, we took the opportunity to rejuvenate the coating with Cure. 

Gyeon Cure

GYEON Q2M Cure should be used on a clean, dry surface outside of direct sunlight. Spray it directly onto the surface and spread an even layer using one side of the towel to wipe off initially, then flipping the towel over to ensure all excess product has been removed. 

With the installation of cure we saw a high gloss finish that not only looks great, but acts almost like a coating itself. This product is great to use after every wash as a way to ensure the vehicle is always looking its best. Even on a non coated car, the hydrophobic effects and gloss will be well present. 

As you can see below the results were exceptional. A high gloss finish and immaculate paint well kept on a truck that is 8 years old. 


f350 ceramic coated

Below a video can be found on the effects this product has against water. You can be sure it will make for easier cleaning and extended paint protection. 


By Jared Brachfeld