ServFaces Ultra Fine Polish

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ServFaces Ultra Fine Polish 8oz



Area of application: Silicone-free polish for the quick and permanent removal of holograms and micro-scratches. Also highly suitable for scratch-resistant clear varnishes. Due to special high performance abrasive particles, this abrasive material disintegrates completely.

Effect: Finish-Polish reliably removes grinding marks and ghost lines caused by abrasive paper P4000.


ServFaces Ultra Fine Polish is a silicone free polish for fast and permanent removal of holograms and micro scratches. The product is also suitable for scratch resistant clear lacquers, due to the special high performance grinding particles that dissolve 100%.

Ultra Fine Polish reliably removes traces of scratches and grooves created from sand paper P4000.

Grinding Grade: 2 / Polish Grade: 10

In order to achieve a perfectly ground surface result, servFaces recommends using a fine to ultra-fine polishing sponge (servFaces Premium Polishing Sponge V3 or V4).



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