ServFaces Product Review


Product Review: ServFaces Leather Cleaner & Leather Creme


Product Review: ServFaces Leather Cleaner & Leather Creme


Leather cleaning can often be a daunting task, but with the right products it can be fun and worthwhile. ServFaces is an innovative company in the field of high-quality surface coatings and cleaning agents. Based in Germany they have designed a full line of high quality car care products to clean and protect virtually any surface of a vehicle. We decided to try the ServFaces leather cleaner followed by the ServFaces Leather Creme on a BMW M3 with Fox Red leather that hasn't seen a proper leather treatment in over 3 years.



As you can see the results were quite substantial. For this task we first sprayed the leather cleaner on to the surface let dwell for 15 seconds then used the ServFaces Leather Brush to lightly agitate the surface with minimal pressure.



This brush works well on carpets and alcantara surfaces as well. After gently scrubbing the surfaces we used a microfiber towel to removes the cleaner. Once removed we once more sprayed the surface and then did a wipe just to ensure all dirt, oil, and debris was completely removed. Once finished and dry, we applied the creme by using an applicator such as the 3x5 Blue Microfiber Applicator.


The results speak for themselves. The leather in the BMW was restored to a natural, non shiny, and smooth surface. Now sometimes we know there are jobs where the leather has never been cleaned or treated and this can be more work. For these kind of tasks ServFaces has been one step ahead and created a Medium Leather Cleaner and Strong Leather Cleaner to make sure any treatment can be handled.


Full application instructions can be found on the product link for each item.


By Jared Brachfeld
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