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Maintaining Coated Paint


Maintaining Coated Paint


Coated Paint Maintenance


As technology and advancements in protective solutions for paint has evolved we have seen better and better products come to the market. From hybrid waxes to polymer sealants and ceramic coatings the options are endless. Choosing the best option of course depends on your driving conditions, climate, time for maintenance and a host of other factors.

Today I would like to discuss some best practices in maintaining your coated vehicles. While most manufacturer's of coatings have a recommended maintenance routine some don't and that is where I would like to help.


Washing: You can use a standard two bucket method or a waterless wash system, however the amount of lubricity is detrimental to removing debris as safely and efficiently as possible. While coatings offer protection against light scratches and are generally more resilient to swirl marks, they are not swirl proof and improper washing can lead to swirling the coating. And as with clear coat, the only way to remove swirl marks from a coating is to polish them out. You want to ensure you use a PH balanced soap, and try to use a product recommended for coatings such as the Americana Coating Aftercare Soap.



Maintenance: If you like to ensure the best durability of your coating as possible then I recommend after every wash using a product designed to lengthen protection or add protection. While no necessary it can only help to ensure the effects of your coating last as long as possible. Some coating manufacturers produce their own products and others don't. Sometimes you will find other products that work better with certain coatings then their own brand of maintenance items. Try using CarPro Reload or ServFaces Care Seal. These detail sprays have special polymers and formulas in them that will increase the protection and add durability to the coating itself. Using this after a wash process is a great way to ensure you see optimal performance out of your coating.

As always it is best to follow a recommended maintenance program from the coating manufacturer themselves. However, these basic steps will help to ensure that the coating lasts as long as possible. Be sure to avoid all purpose cleaners, degreaser's, and any other acidic products as this will often reduce the coating's effectiveness. Always inspect for any failure in the coating or adherence of fallout and other debris that won't easily remove from the paint itself. In this case try using a product such as Sonax Fallout Remover to help remove debris. Lastly, remember that most coatings wear away due to abrasiveness and the more touching of the paint you do the more your rubbing away the coating. No matter how careful you are this is the nature of a coating. So try to always keep a slick surface and use the best products you can to ensure minimal wear and added longevity.

By Jared Brachfeld